Collection Services

  • Helps healthcare providers maintain good patient relationships while collecting past due invoices
  • Includes both soft-core and continued collections
  • Supports consistent collection policies

CMRE Financial Services provides both soft-core and continued collection services that help healthcare organizations reconcile delinquent accounts without jeopardizing patient relationships. Under our soft-core program, CMRE collection counselors work with patients to handle all calls, clarify account balance misunderstandings, resolve insurance disputes, verify debts and explain payment options. Equal care is taken by our Continued Collection Services. Certified medical collectors pursue accounts with firmness while using tact to maintain the client's good image while recouping funds.

Soft-Core Collections Highlights Include:

  • Not a letter service - patients are given the opportunity to resolve outstanding balances prior to continued collections
  • Exhausts all collections efforts without the added penalty of credit reporting, interest and legal proceedings
  • Services are customized to meet specific requirements of the healthcare organization

Continued Collections Highlights Include:

  • Skip tracing applications and tools that help locate patient debtors who fail to provide accurate demographic information
  • Customized correspondence
  • All claims Re-billed claims as needed
  • Reporting to Experian (formerly TRW) and TransUnion
  • Suits filed on behalf of client as needed with written client authorization


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